Hiding or Confessing Sin?

There is a word that is small, but in spite of its size it has left a significant impact. It has disrupted nations, families, marriages, and one’s relationship with God. It is discussed in nearly every form of religion, but in no other sacred book is the word treated as thoroughly as it is in the Bible. The word? Sin. Just three little letters, but its impact has touched every human being’s life. It means to violate a law of God, and that violation was so horrific that it caused the death of Christ to restore us to God. Remarkably people have always responded to sin the same way, which is to cover or hide it. The Biblical record shows this. Upon committing the first sin, Adam and Eve hid themselves from God even though they didn’t know why they were doing it  (Gen. 3:8). Upon taking spoil from a battle that he wasn’t supposed to Achan hid the gold and silver under his tent. Having committed adultery with his neighbor’s wife King David devised an elaborate scheme that included the killing of her husband in an attempt to keep his sin hidden. Yet, in every one of these attempts to cover a sin, God revealed it.

David understood that when he recorded in Psalm 32, “when I kept silent my bones grew old.” In fact David only thought he had hidden his sin. God revealed it to the entire nation. That is where David learned a vital lesson about sin. When we cover it God reveals it, but when we reveal it God covers it. He opens Psalm 32 this way, “Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.” Remarkably, when David confessed his sin to the Lord he found forgiveness! God wishes for us to deal with our sin through humility and confession. But often our pride is what stubbornly refuses to admit our guilt, and instead attempts to hide the sin. If that has been the pattern of your life please know God longs to bring forgiveness. And He is so serious about that that He may reveal your sin, just so that you would admit your need.

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