A Special Christmas Program

I love Christmas programs.This is my recounting of one of my favorites.

Wally was nine years old and in second grade, but he should have been in fourth. Wally tried hard, but he had a learning disability.

Christmas season came, and Wally was delighted to discover he was chosen for the part of the innkeeper in the Christmas pageant. The director reasoned Wally only had one line. How hard could that be?

The big night came and all of the children were excited, but one was especially excited. Wally was captivated by the story line. The director was a little concerned Wally might forget his spoken lines. Wally stepped on to the stage, and announced clearly, “Be gone! There is no room in the inn!”

The seven-year old Joseph looked back at Wally, and expressed that Mary was great with child. Awkward silence as Wally struggled with what to say next. He knew his line, but could not bear to send Mary and Joseph away again. With tears in his eyes, he forced out yet another “Be gone.” Joseph began to exit, and this is where this pageant became different from all others. For Wally never left the stage. As if frozen in time, Wally’s mind was racing for a creative alternative. The big smile on his face signaled that this inn-keeper had come up with a room. “Wait, Joseph!” Wally blurted out, “You and Mary can have my room!”

A burst of laughter came from the audience, then silence, and then tears flowed freely as the reality of Wally’s statement settled in. Wally had made room for Jesus.

Two thousand years ago there was no room for the Christ-child in the inn. This Christmas season will there be room for Jesus Christ in your heart? The Scriptures tell us that Jesus enters a person’s life by invitation only. You invite Him by believing that He came to save you from your sins (Romans 10:9-12). This year why not make the decision to trust and follow Jesus Christ? As you make room for Him, you’ll discover, as did Wally, life will never be the same again.

One comment on “A Special Christmas Program

  1. Jean Slothower says:

    that was a cute story. I’ve never heard it before. What a tender heart in a child.

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