Curious and Joyful…the story of Mary

Traveling isn’t recommended when you’re nine months pregnant. The airlines won’t take you. Your doctors will discourage it, and who would want to be that far away from medical care when your first contraction could be less than a minute away?

Yet, there Mary was traveling 85 miles side-saddle on the back of a donkey, when her due date could have been yesterday. What were her thoughts on the way to Bethlehem?

To say that she was experiencing some physical discomfort is probably an understatement. Every rut the donkey stumbled into drove the Christ-child ever closer to leaving the womb and entering the world.

She probably felt fear. Why else would the angel have told her, “Do not be afraid.” Perhaps she was fearful of new surroundings, new friends, and <Ouch! > those new contractions!

She certainly   felt joy.  Although there were no ultrasounds she already knew the sex of the baby. The angel had said He would be a boy!

She probably was curious. The angel had said that her Son would be great and would reign over an unending kingdom (Luke 1:33). What exactly did that mean? Joseph’s angelic courier said their Son would  “save His people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21). How could that be? Who was this baby growing inside her?

Perhaps you, like Mary, find yourself curious this Christmas.  Just who was Jesus Christ anyway? Why does the whole world stop to celebrate His birth? Can I encourage you to pick up your Bible and discover for yourself?

You’ll find his birth in Luke chapter two, but from there jump forward one book to the Gospel of John. As you read about His life don’t be afraid, for just like Mary your curiosity will be satisfied and your joy will be full.

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