Questions for a New Year

Questions cause us to think.  Sometimes they cause us to evaluate our lives. In our fast-paced society we don’t seem to make enough time for either of those pastimes. We wonder who has time for thinking and evaluating when our days are an attempt to play catch up only to feel like we are falling farther behind.

Yet, as you round the corner and anticipate the New Year, here are some questions that may prepare you for what’s coming.

Question # 1: Did I have a proper emphasis on my family this past year? It is one of the rare ironies of the world, in which we live, that we have routine performance evaluations at work, but rarely at home. We will all face retirement one day, but our family we will likely have with us as long as we live. So maybe it’s time for a “family evaluation.” How are you doing as a Dad? As a Mom? Are you properly fulfilling your role as a husband or wife? Before you enter the New Year evaluate your performance for the past one.

Question # 2: Did I have a proper emphasis on my relationship with God this past year?  As a pastor you know I’m going to bring that one up.  Yet, this is the relationship we often forget when things are going well, and attempt to lean on when we are experiencing a crisis. And like every other relationship its strength is dependent upon the quality of time we spend together with God on a regular basis.  Through prayer and reading the Bible we daily grow in our relationship with Him. Unfortunately, when we only run to God in crisis we will not have much confidence in that relationship. When we are attempting to know His heart during the non-crisis times, it better prepares us for the crisis times.  Our two relationships that are most important are often the two that are the most neglected. Let’s make a commitment to make this New Year different. It’s a commitment that may change your life.

One comment on “Questions for a New Year

  1. Sharon Hepler says:

    I’m enjoying your daily devotionals. Thanks for taking the time and effort to send them out.
    Blessings to you and your family in 2012. God’s plans for us are always best. His agenda is good–always.
    Love and prayers
    Aunt Sharon

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