Starting the year with personal Bible study

Imagine that you sensed your physical health was failing. You lacked the stamina that you once had. Your energy level was way down, and you found yourself susceptible to nearly every sickness that crossed your path. Concerned, you visited your family doctor, and he began his exam with some questions. “Are you sleeping well?” “Yes,” you reply, “I’m sleeping nearly all the time.” The doctor ponders your answer, and asks the next question. “How is your appetite? Are you eating regularly?” “O yes doctor, I’m eating one good meal a week, occasionally I’ll grab a snack Monday through Friday if my schedule allows it.”

The doctor looks up from his notepad. “I believe I misunderstood you. I thought you said you were eating one good meal a week. No one can survive on that diet! No wonder you’re susceptible to so many diseases. It’s easy to see you why you have no energy. Your body needs more food than one good meal a week. I’m recommending three good meals a day.”

You look up from the examination table troubled, “But doctor, I don’t have time to eat that often, and besides it is so hard, that would mean I’d have to prepare some of my own meals. . .”

Most Christians would never do to their physical bodies what they do to their souls. Come to church for one square meal a week from the Word, and snack a little on Christian radio Monday through Friday. If we are to feed our soul regularly from the Word, it means that we will have to prepare our own meals. We will have to spend time studying the Word for ourselves. Discovering Bible truths and living by them. Time with God every day is a necessity if we are to grow in Christ (Col. 1:28). Paul wrote to Timothy, “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman who needs not to be ashamed (2 Tim. 2:15).

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