My first Father’s Day without my dad

2013-04-29 10.04.19This is my first Father’s Day without my day, but his influence still lingers. This is a source of encouragement for those of us who have lost our fathers, and a means of conviction for those of us who are fathers — there’s still time to influence those God has entrusted to us.

A year ago for Father’s Day I wrote a simple poem for my dad entitled Because my Dad. I share it this year with a larger audience to encourage you to do the same.  Nothing will encourage your dad quite as much as the realization that, in spite of his weaknesses or failures, we has left a lasting influence on his children.

Because my Dad

Because my dad enjoyed fishing, I enjoy it too.

Because my dad was a farmer, I am not afraid of hard work and long hours.

Because my dad was an educator, I find joy in seeing others learn.

Because my dad was outgoing, I am comfortable talking with strangers.

Because my dad loved to read, I have a lot of books.

Because my dad was a wordsmith, I became an author.

Because my dad was a story teller, I use illustrations when I teach.

Because my dad loved his kids, I grew up loving mine.

Because my dad didn’t run from challenges, I haven’t run from those I face.

Because my dad was faithful to his wife, I have been faithful to mine.

Because my dad was an optimist, I am hopeful about the future.

Because my dad introduced me to Jesus, my eternity is secure.

Because my dad is who he is, I became who I am.

Father’s Day, 2013


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