I grew up in rural Indiana, and my family moved to South Carolina during my high school years. It has been my privilege to have been married to my wife Kym for nearly 25 years. Together we have lived in California, New York and New Jersey. We are thankful for each of our four children: Ashlyn, Adam, Anna, and Asa.

I love discovering truths about God from the Bible, and I find joy in sharing those truths with others – especially their practical implications.

When I’m not teaching I enjoy music (of nearly any genre), fly-fishing (even when they’re not biting), and cheering for whichever Indiana team is playing basketball at the moment.

Presently I serve as one of the pastors at Fellowship Bible Church, Mullica Hill, New Jersey. You will find numerous helpful resources at our church website www.aboutfbc.org.

7 comments on “About

  1. Dianne Perales says:

    Pastor Phil, So good to have discovered your site through our Facebook connection. Thank you for this and for God’s teaching.

  2. Chris Chapman says:

    So glad I ran across your website and sermons from the church. I always enjoyed hearing you preach at WOLBI. I was there Class of ’93. Praying for you as you head out overseas today.

    • Phil Moser says:

      Hey Chris. Great to hear from you. Fond memories of our time with Word of Life and the students we met there. Thanks for your prayers. Posting news and answers to prayer for this week at my Facebook page. Love to have you follow.

  3. Dear Phil,

    Just wondering if we could use you bible in a year image from this post.https://philmoser.com/2011/12/29/reading-through-the-bible-in-a-year/

    We are a church in Cambridge, MA.


    Kent Murawski

    • Phil Moser says:

      Hi Kent, Just came upon this message. Sorry I didn’t get back with you earlier. I have the right to these images through gracewaymedia.com. So I can’t authorize the use of it. But I strongly recommend their service. A church can use any of their images in electronic or printed form as long as they don’t sell them.

      Also, I have written several short works that might be an encouragement to your people in developing key habits of Bible reading, prayer, and walking in the Spirit. If you send me an email at pmoser@biblicalstrategies.com I’ll send you out a couple of samples at no charge. Just give me a mailing address. Again, I’ve been away from my blog for while with the other writing, so sorry I didn’t get your message earlier.


      Phil Moser

  4. Natasha says:

    HI Pastor Moser

    I stumbled on your blog today, while searching for a study on the fruit of the spirit. I am the prayer ministries leader at my church in MD and we are preparing for a 40 hours of prayer and praise on August 22nd to 23rd 2014.
    I really loved your post on the fruit of the spirit because you mentioned apathy to avoid when perfecting love. The only word God gave me when thinking of creating a teaching on the fruit of the spirit.
    I said all this to say, I am kindly requesting your permission to use what you have on your blog as a part of the study on the fruit of the spirit.

    Natasha C Ryan

    • Phil Moser says:

      Thanks for your kind words Natasha, feel free to use anything you would like here. You may also be interested in a number of resources that I publish over at biblicalstrategies.com. There is similar material on the fruit of the Spirit in Just Like Jesus: biblical strategies for growing well. Each of the books carry various prayer patterns and additional resources for prayer (names of God, attributes of God, etc. in the “practical suggestions” pages towards the back. Trust these tools will be a blessing.

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