Anxiety and the character of God

Triangle slideAnxiety is the natural result of doubting the character of God. This diagram helps you think properly about God’s character in relation to your well-being. God’s wisdom means he knows what is best for you; God’s power means he has the ability to accomplish what is best for you; God’s love means that he genuinely wants what is best for you. Reflecting upon this triad is a helpful way to overcome anxiety. Whatever storm you face, you are safe within the confines of God’s love, wisdom and power.

Anxiety will occur whenever you doubt one of these elements of God’s character. The diagram is also an excellent diagnostic tool for anxiety. It clarifies where you should focus your Bible study. For instance, if you doubt God’s goodness then study passages about his love (1 John 4:8). If you question his ability choose passages on his power (Jer. 32:17). If you question whether he knows what is best, then study passages on his wisdom (Rom. 11:34).

Taken from Safe in the Storm: biblical strategies for overcoming anxiety published by Biblical Strategies. Available in Christian bookstores and with online retailers.

Section 6: Theology – Can you tell me some things you know about God?

Key quesions to ask:
Can you tell me some things you know about God?
If the Lord invited you to ask one question about what has happened in your past or what might happen in your future, what would it be? Why?
What do you think God thinks about you? Why?
What do you know about God that gives you the most help when you think about it?
What are some of the qualities (attributes) of God? When you think about them how does that change you?
Key Scriptures to consider:
Psalm 139:1-4
Psalm 139:7
Psalm 139:13-14
Psalm 139:16
Psalm 139:19-21
Psalm 139:23-24